ALPHA Questionnaire

 *Select the school   Toranomon   Akasaka kioi
  Yokohama   London
  Gender   Male  Female
  Date of birth   / /
  Native Language  
  Highest Qualification & Major  
  How did you hear of us   Friend
  Advertisement (free paper)
  Company recommendation

 Q1 If married, Spouse's Nationality Japanese or not?
     Single  Japanese  Non Japanese
 Q2 How long have you stayed in Japan?
 Q3 What is your main purpose for visiting Japan?
 Q4 What language have you studied before?
 Q5 Have you studied Japanese before?
  Q5-1 How many days a week do you study?
      How long do you study for in one day?
  Q5-2 What type of lesson did you take?
     Group  Private  On-line lesson  Self-taught
  Q5-3 Where did you study?
  Q5-4 Which textbooks have you used?
    Mina no Nihongo Basic1
    Mina no Nihongo Basic2
    Mina no Nhongo Intermediate1
    Mina no Nihongo Intermediate2
    Business for busy people1
    Business for busy people2
    Business for busy people3
  Q5-5 Can you read ?
    Hiragana  Katakana  Kanaji (How many? )
  Q5-6 Have you taken Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT)?
 Q6 About your needs:
  Q6-1 Why do you wish to study Japanese?
  Q6-2 What level of ability would you like to obtain?
  Q6-3 What do you wish to learn primarily?
    Conversation  Speaking  Listening  Reading
    Writing  Grammar  Business Conversation
    Discussion  Nwespaper  JLPT